Kakadu has six seasons; these pictures were made one weekend during Gunumeleng, the pre-monsoon storm season. There are constant thunderstorms and short, intense downpours rolling across the basin.

I could never do justice to the isolation and serenity of this surreal and beautiful place, but I gave it a shot anyway.

A short, rough video from the trip is available here.

Two Days of May

An aesthetic study of the origin, purpose, and demise of an object or environment, shot over the course of a single weekend in and around the Victorian alps.

Aiming to draw attention to the often overlooked details, textures, and layers of history enveloping everything we see or interact with.

And to look real pretty, of course.


With & thanks to The Owl and The Pussycat
Giclee prints available by enquiry


20 page coffee table book
Saddle stitched with card covers (300gsm)
Recycled stock, vegetable based inks
Printed using only solar power by Black Rainbow

Edition of 100, signed & numbered

Portraits A

I'm a firm believer that the best way to capture a person's likeness and essence is to do so candidly, when they're too busy having fun and being their awesome self to pose, smile (if they weren't already) or otherwise distort the actual facts of their life, the moment in time, and the way they behave.

My friends are the best bunch of beautiful, rad and hilarious motherfuckers you're ever likely to meet. I'm so very fortunate that they tolerate my sticking a camera in their faces all the time.

This is my family album. Thanks, team.

Portraits B

Portraits are not just about the subject, but their environment, activities, and relationships. Stripping the colour and clarity from images can help bring to the fore expression, interaction, or movement.

Also, I have a thing for grain. Fuckin' love that stuff.


The spaces around us, when coupled with a habit of exploration and the desire to shape the world according to one's own mental filter, are surreal, mythic and captivating in a way that both rivals and informs anything produced by our imagination.

This dreamlike quality is not only present in the remote vistas and hidden corners, but stands naked in our cities and our homes; here a confluence of human endeavours, time, and forces of nature creates a profusion of rich images, short lived but innumerable.

In this richness lies an unlikely austerity, and a reminder that the world is incredibly vast in both space and time - each moment witnessed evokes the unfathomable scale of what is unfolding before, after, and away from us.


I'm fortunate enough to live in a city filled with rad creatives: makers, designers, and performers.

Occasionally I get the chance to help friends showcase or promote what they're working on.


The way people live; the things we make, the things we gather, where we dwell and what we leave around the place.

Things that wouldn't exist, were it not for us.

We are curious beasts.
This, to me, is endlessly engaging.

Hiya, I'm Matty.
I use machines to make pictures.
Hope you like 'em.

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